4 Signs of Alternator Damage

When the car doesn’t start when the key is turned but instead you hear a click, click, click, you may think the battery is dead. Most people think that it is an issue with the battery and hopefully, it is that simple. Sadly, sometimes the clicks that you hear indicate a failing alternator. Be wary of driving an automobile that shows signs of a bad alternator. You might find yourself left stranded on the side of the road.

Many signs point to signs of a bad alternator. If your vehicle shows any of the four signs below, schedule professional alternator repair portland oregon at once. Delaying the repair only worsens the problem and may cause the need for a replacement. Signs that you need alternator repair include:

·    Noises: It is hard to ignore strange noises coming from underneath the hood. If you notice squealing noises or grinding or growling sounds, call a professional to schedule repair.

·    Dim Lights: If you notice the headlights aren’t as bright as they once were, or if they flicker off and on, you may find the alternator is the cause, especially if the lights become dimmer when the RPMs increase.

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·    Stalling Engine: If the engine stalls when driving, the alternator may be the culprit. When the fuel injectors do not get the required amount of electrical power to perform, the engine fails very quickly.

·    Electrical Equipment Trouble: If the electrical equipment in the vehicle becomes slow or hard to operate, it could very well be the alternator. Does the radio turn off? Again, a sign of alternator issues.

A worn out alternator isn’t a problem you want to experience. Pay attention to the signs above and make sure you phone a professional at the first sign of trouble.


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