Keep Your Fuel Clean and Pristine

Long days on the road and cold nights sleeping in motels or, hey, even your truck. Drivers know this story all too well, with their days spent driving constantly back and forth to provide the general public and merchants with their goods and packages. With all this driving, there’s no time for breakdowns or stall-outs. Airdog fuel preporator is a filtration delivery system that improves diesel engine performance significantly, keeping breakdowns at bay.

Airdog fuel preporator

Fuel preporator works by separating the air and water particulates from fuel. The removal of these impurities maintains the pressure flow to the transfer pump and eradicates vapor and cavitation. It also increases fuel economy and torque, giving you extended time before replacing the fuel filter and a quieter engine. Another plus of fuel preporator is that it improves throttle response, so you can ride smoother.

Along with increased fuel economy, fuel preporator helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and exhaust, subsequently optimizing the performance of the engine. Now truck drivers can know that they’re doing what they can to reduce the carbon footprint of loading and shipping cargo.

The advanced system of filtration keeps your engine from building up foreign particles that contaminate engine fuel and other components. Air in fuel leads to bubbles that introduce uncontrolled amounts of air into the injector, which lowers the performance of diesel engines. Air and vapor particles present can lead to low torque, increased fuel consumption, higher emissions, poor throttle response, and more.

Avoid problems in your truck and look into installing a fuel preporator system to reduce the chance of damage in your engine and foreign materials in your fuel. Breaking down on the side of the road costs time, money, resources, fuel, and reputation. Invest in your ride’s health, and make sure your fuel is top-notch before taking any long trips.